October 22, 2006

Location: Mt. Laguna, San Diego County

Meteor seen crossing frame lower left between the bushes

Nikon D100- 30mm f2.8, 385 seconds



General stars, foliage pained with flashlight

Nikon D100- 30mm f2.8, 113 seconds



Sillouette, meteor leaving frame, just above middle, right side (see below closeup)

Nikon D100- 30mm f2.8, 411 seconds

Closeup of above

Crop of above image


Star trail curvature, trees

Nikon D100- 46mm f3.2, 483 seconds



Multicolor meteor at about 11 o'clock from center, about halfway to edge (zoom below)

Nikon D100- 30mm f2.8, 232 seconds