The San Diego News Mafia's

Desert Expedition


Bible, Guns and Pyro Exposition

Event Statistics           11 Dec 2004

Friendly Fire Fatalities


Non-Friendly Fatalities 1 possible



187 & 245 PC Charges

 A dozen or so

23152 CVC Charges


1180, 81, 82 or 83


Equipment Loss


Confirmed FTA's

 2 (107, 403)

The convoy departed station 120 with 120, 120X, 110 at approximately 1320 hours and headed on course to intercept the remainder. The meeting spot at Wal Mart in El Cajon resulted in the purchase of about $150 worth of ordinance. The BTAF, Home Land Security and DOJ was probably notified by the sporting goods clerk at the unusually large ammo-cache acquisition. I did hear an EBS alert shortly after we left that the southern California region was moved up to YELLOW ALERT on the Terrorism Alert Board.

We iced the coolers and headed east at a high rate of speed, well, relatively high rate considering Truck 120 was laden with nearly a thousand pounds of wood. After crossing the Tecate Divide it was smooth coasting downhill to Camp XRAY.

We arrived safely and entered the lawless BLM sector.

The Master-at-Arms reported the cache as follows:

(1) 9MM S&W 5904

(2) 9MM Glocks

(1) 9MM Sig

(1) .38 S&W Police

(1) Mossberg 12g Pump Police Model

(1) SAKO scoped sniper .270

(3) Gallons of Oil

(5) Gallons of gasoline

(2) Magnesium grenades

(1) Gallon of Kerosene

Camp was set up as well as the target range. Somehow multiple pictures of a certain dirt-bag was posted on the target board and almost immediately four shooters conducted a Mid-City style FI on that individual (pic). This accounts for the 187 and 245 charges.


It was a mildly warm, crystal clear windless night for the most part. A slight wind developed after 11pm but was of no consequence because of our raging fire. The star shown down on us and all attendees observed numerous meteorites.


The streak in the lower left is an aircraft high overhead and the points along the exposure are it's strobes. No meteorites were captured on "film"

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