Knight Job:

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(Above) Batman begins his shift. Seen here receiving orders from the Commissioner for the night.

"Holy Bat Smoke!, wait a minute Commish, I think I see something over the hill..... I'll call you back!"

Batman reporting a structure or grass fire to San Diego Fire..

"Yes sir, eighteen's put the fire out... Ok, got it.. Yeah, I know exactly where that is.. No, I don't need directions... no sir, I can find it... YES I'm Sure!"



"Yeah, I made a wrong turn.. I'm almost there.... No, uh, No, I don't need map coordinates...."

"...well, I think I'm in Mid City now........."

"Yeah, chief... I'm 97 now... I just spotted the joker.. I'm going in pursuit...."

(Radio Chatter) "engine 18, medic 63, respond to medical aid, injuries from a fall..."

"uhh, sorry Commish... He slipped by me... What? You say he's been spotted near the harbor?  Ok.. On my way..."

"Yeah, chief.... Almost there.. Just a slight detour through a field.. Hey, I think the Bat-Mobile needs a new Catalytic converter"

"Come on chief... Gimme a break... There's a small electrical short in the Bat-Mobile and my mapping computer is a bit slow... I'll get to the harbor side soon..."

"I dunno how I got to Scotland!.. There's so much smoke in the Bat Mobile I can't read the map... I'm almost there..."

"Hey Chief.. I'm at the harbor now.. What?...No, I didn't find the Joker...  Hey, could you send me a tow truck?... What happened? Well remember that smoke in the Bat Mobile I was talking about last night?.. I kinda couldn't see and had a small mishap..."


"Yeah, Chief, I got the Bat Mobile out of impound...

"Come on, I've been up for 48 hours... I'm going back to the Bat Cave and take a few zees...."

Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave, Batman discovered that the electrical short was more than a little problem...."




"Chief, could I stay at your place for a few days????"