Scotland Visit '02

Well, I don't know who the genius was that decided we should go to Scotland in December was, but I have one word for you, COLD!  Ok, I was the brilliant one who thought it would be a good idea to spend the holidays with Jen and Del in Scotland. 

The trip started off on a good foot.  Sean's grandfather Gus picked us up early, we had passports ready, e-ticket itinerary in hand and we were packed and ready to go.  Got to the airport in plenty of time.  Got our boarding passes and was even able to find a San Diego T-Shirt for Del at the airport.  All is good, so far.

About half an hour into the flight we received our complimentary beverages, I took my sleeping pills and I was ready for the long haul.  Just as I was dozing off watching Lilo & Stitch, the kid 5 rows up decides he's not happy.  And let us know it, all the way to London.   So I give Sean a sedative, we both crank up our headphones and it's good night Irene.  About 6 hours later, I get up for a stretch, have a bite to eat and enjoy yet another complimentary cocktail, take another sedative and snooze to that 70's show. 




I don't think Sean was able to get as much rest as I was (see photos above), and when it was time to land the pilot came on and told us there was a bit of bad weather and we would basically be in a holding pattern for an hour.  Oh joy.  The little brat 5 rows up must have somehow understood and let us all know, he too was not happy about the news.  Meanwhile, Sean's looking over the itinerary having a stroke because we only had and hour and half lay over between flights.  It's gonna be close (little did we know).

So we finally disembark, rush to the bus to take us to terminal 1 of Heathrow (we're at terminal 4 currently), race to gate 5 (meanwhile, Sean's doing the pee-pee dance) frantically worried we've missed our flight only to find that all flights to Edinburgh have been delayed or cancelled.  Well Sean finds the head and I go get water and pray.   

 After 11+ hours on the plane and 4 hours in the terminal, I'm now hoping for a cancellation.  You see I bought CSA Travel Insurance, and we would have been covered for additional expenses due to a delay of 12 hours or more.  Every flight to Edinburgh is getting cancelled, except BA 1446.  Hmm.  Oh and during the 4 hour wait, I discovered I've left for this trip without Jen's phone number.  What a genius!  Anyway, hour #5 comes and whoa, we have success.  We have a plane and clearance to take off!  Whoo Hooo!

So, we land in Edinburgh exhausted, cranky, unkempt and not excepting anyone to be there, but I should have had no doubts.  Jen was there with a smile and more importantly a car ready to whisk us home. 


Home Jen!  We're off  to Bo'Ness!