Scotland Visit '02

The Wallace Monument

Off to Stirling and the majestic Wallace Monument...

Wallace Monument sits prominently on the Abbey Craig.  From this hilltop in 1297, William Wallace watched the English army approach across Stirling Bridge before leading the Scots into the battle.  William Wallace defeated the English army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. 

Ok, so I thought it was cold before? I have NEVER been as cold as I was on top the monument.  So, I paid to climb up 246 steps and risk frost bite?  They say a sucker is born every minute.  The wind was blowing so hard at the top of the monument, a small child could have been blown right off.  As a matter of fact I warned a family that was climbing up after us to hold on to their young uns.  They laughed, but I could have sworn I saw a wee lass flying over head as we left.



  What can I say, I have a weird fascination with old cemeteries.  So, while in Stirling we had to stop by their graveyard and have a look see...