Old San Diego

Sit back and enjoy


San Diego Downtown in 1886

Looking into El Cajon from Grossmont Summit 1909


The original downtown baseball park 1937 Lane Field foot of Broadway.  Looks like we had a traffic problem even then?


 Old Town looking SW 1898- The airport would soon be in that marsh.. Also MCRD and the Midway area to the right…

 San Diego police officers testing a still in 1930

Sweetwater dam, dam failure 1930

SDPD motor units date unk

SDPD Officers 1915. Note they wear “Stars” except one who has a “Shield” Pay hasn’t changed much either?

Mission Brewery (still standing Washington and Kettner) 1916.. You’ve seen it..

Aerial of the roller coaster 1927.. Notice absence of  “W Mission Bay Drive” going off to the east

 North Island pretty much empty.. looking down from Pt Loma. Hey, didn't we buy it from the Indians for a sack of beads or something???

8 east thru Jacumba 1918..Uhh……… This pictures depicts a load vehicle pursuit.. kidding!

4th and D st Downtown… You may notice we no longer have a D st.. It’s now Broadway..

You can see the underlying wood construction of the Cabrillo Bridge that led to last years fire inside

City Shops laying water pipe… and the same pipe is still probably down there serving you right now!

The Encinitas train depot date unk.

I almost thought this picture was real until I saw the microwave dish on the bldg in the middle!

National City High School Baseball Team


Hope you had fun looking at the past