HARRIS Fire Pix Deerhorn Valley Deployment
  The CEDAR Fire 2003 WITCH Fire Deployment
Old San Diego Sept 2005 Lightning OES Comm Drill Qualcomm 06
Joe's New Able pix San Diego Lightning 4th Annual Wildland Fire Drill (OES)
  Aug 2005 Lightning 3rd Annual Wildland Fire Drill (OES)
EXPEDITIONS Variations on Sept 2005 Lightning  
Font's Point 2007 Thundercloud Anim AIRCRAFT
Desert Camp 07 Freeway Play ABLE Ride-along
Desert 12-2004 Pines Fire ABLE Night Shots
Scotland 2003 HIGHWILDLAND Site pictures Flight with John over San Diego
Scotland 2001 METEOR SHOWERS ABLE Night Flight
Desert 2005 Visit from Scotland 8-17-08 Meteor Shower, Indian Flats MOUNTAINTOP RADIO SITES
Desert Shoot, 2004 Stringers ORINIDS Meteor Showers (10-06) Mt. Miguel Radio Sites
BATMAN/2150 Meteor Shower 2007, Aug Otay Radio sites
5149.5 Batman's (mis) Adventures   Panorama Shot from Mt. Otay
Batman's Batmobile    
Green 2150 11-17-06 Meteor Shower (none :(   )  


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